MK9 - Raiden Fatalities and babality

MK9 - Raiden Fatalities and babality, Raiden is the eternal God of Thunder and former protector of Earthrealm. Raiden often takes form on mortal planes. In Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance one of his outfits is finished by a flowing blue cape. Raiden is the god of thunder and lightning, and as such, he is immensely powerful and has complete control over electricity.

MK9 - Raiden Fatalities and babality

  1. Just A Scratch - D, F, D, F, 1 (Jump)
  2. Transplant - B, F, F, D, 4 (Sweep)
  3. Stage Fatality - D, D, D, 2 (Varies)
  4. Babality - D, B, D, 4 (Jump)

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